Hybrid Open Style

<p>Lightweight yet strong, and easy to install.</p>

We are the original inventors of the modern cable and hose carrier chain. In German, the name “KabelSchlepp” translates to “Cable Carrier.” We have been innovation leaders in this field for more than 55 years.

Our product range extends from individual components to complete turn-key systems, from standard off-the-shelf products to custom-manufactured individual solutions. The application examples of our products are just as numerous as the variants in our product range.

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Completely enclosed carriers to protect
cables from chips
and contamination.

Plastic Open Style

<p>One- or two-piece molded links that snap together.</p>

Eliminating hose wear in severe-duty drilling applications

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of exploration drilling equipment was having hydraulic hose failures in the field, due to poor management of the hoses—including pinching, safety concerns and excessive wear. This is a very severe-duty application for hoses, and the trouble was occurring on a regular basis.

KabelSchlepp’s Varitrak S series steel cable and hose carriers were used to eliminate the hose wear and safety concerns in this application. As this solution “cleans up” the entire hose package, the OEM was able to offer a distinct advantage to its customers. Also, our wide aluminum frame stays provide a very low coefficient of friction, keeping hose-jacket wear to a minimum. Our chain links consist of two welded plates in a “sandwich” design, which offers extensive unsupported lengths and the capacity to handle high additional loads.

Preventing failures by allowing particulate matter to escape

A large steel mill facility was experiencing failures with its cable carriers due to the design of the standard links. Small, fine particulate matter was collecting inside the link side bands and was not allowed to escape. The particulates slowly eroded at the metal side bands, causing them to fail.

KabelSchlepp’s solution was to provide our open-style flat links with a “self cleaning” feature, in which the area where the bend radius cut-out and pins interact is open, allowing particulates to enter into the link and then escape. This ensured that the particulates did not collect in the links and cause failures.

Minimizing cable wear to avoid costly failures in the field

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of coil tube injectors (CTIs) was using a cable management system that had full plastic crossbars, and was having failures in the field: the heavy-duty environment and hydraulic hose pressures were causing the bars to break, resulting in downtime on the CTIs in the field. In this highly productive enviroment, where downtime can't happen, these failures were a major concern to customers.

KabelSchlepp’s Varitrak MC series “hybrid” cable carrier system employs a plastic side band material with aluminum crossbars held in place by four screws. This not only causes our system to have high “box/cavity” strength, but aluminum bars also provide a much smoother surface for the cables and hoses—greatly reducing the wear on the outer jackets of their cables and hoses.


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