Product Focus: TKA

Buy Kabelschlepp TKA Series Cable Carriers in North America.

Completely enclosed carriers to protect cables from chips and contamination

The TKA Series Cable Carriers are especially tight to reliably protect cables against dirt, chips and circulating spray water while also preventing ingress of coolants and lubricants.

Seven reasons to visit Tsubaki of Canada’s KabelSchlepp website

Buy Cable Carriers In Canada

The website,, contains product and industry information, as well as the option to send in a request for a quote. The navigation of the site is direct and concise, and images are large for total ease of use and understanding.

Downloading the extended data content of the KABELSCHLEPP 2D/3D drawings can speed up your design operations considerably. You can also accelerate your design processes with our 2D and 3D models from the CADENAS and TRACEPARTS CAD component libraries.

Download all KABELSCHLEPP product data from both libraries free of charge. Native data and all conventional export formats are available for all standard CAD systems.

Tsubaki of Canada Limited respects your privacy and our site visitors’ information. We do not share, sell, or rent any of the information collected to any third parties and do not intend to do so in the future.


<p>Specially designed from the ground up for use in cable and hose carriers, ensuring superior performance.</p>


<p>Accessories for cable & hose carrier systems.</p>


<p>Extremely robust and stable, steel carrier chains are capable of carrying heavy mechanical loads.</p>

3D Line

<p>Perfect for 3D multi-axis movement applications. Maintains a pre-determined minimum bend radius.</p>

Covered Tube Style

<p>Completely enclosed tube-style cable and hose carriers.</p>


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