When to Use Steel and Plastic Cable & Hose Carrier

Buy Steel Chain Cable Carriers for different applications from Kabelschlepp Canada.

When it comes to choosing the right line of product, Kabelschlepp has you covered. We are the only cable and hose carrier manufacturer to offer 4 types of carrier systems, including our plastic and steel lines. Here are a few guidelines when it comes to selecting the material type for your carrier.

Robotrax Cable Carrier: Optional Accessories

Impact Protection

Buy Robotrax Cable Carrier accessory for impact protection in Canada.

When a robot is moving, a striking of the ROBOTRAX against machine components often cannot be avoided.

The new and improved design for the impact protection rings offers quick and easy install to any link with just a couple screws.

How to Avoid Robot Downtime

Robot downtime is something no company wants to budget for. Stopping production because of a failed cable and/or hose not only costs you money in downtime but also in repairs and labour. Cables and hoses are certainly not cheap, and yet they are often the most overlooked component of your 5-6 axis robots. They must undergo the same complicated maneuvers as the robot arm itself, performing all the twists and turns, whips and snaps.

Robotrax 3D Line: Advantages and Composition

Buy Robotrax Cable Carrier with 3D movement in Canada.

Cable Carriers for 3D Movement

Robotrax cable and hose carrier system for 3D movements is a complete solution for robotic applications, and it’s designed to help eliminate cable failures. 

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Cable Installation Guidelines

Strain relieving your cables is critical, but ensuring the cables are installed correctly into the carrier is just as important to avoid premature wear.

Here are the steps on how to calculate the required cable and hose clearance requirements for the carrier system cavity:

Cable Carrier Installation instructions from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp in Canada

Cable Strain Relief: Benefits and Advantages

Cables are often the first product that show signs of wear in many cable carriers. A properly selected and installed cable carrier tends to run without incident to what could be 5 to 7 years. The carrier itself being installed correctly does not always mean that the cables are housed and installed in the same manner. At Tsubaki, we always recommend that cables are strain relieved at either end of the carrier to ensure that they are able to reach their factory life span before replacement.

TRAXLINE Continous Flex Cables

Buy Kabelschlepp Continuous Flex Cables with PVC or PUR coating in Canada.

The Tsubaki KabelSchlepp cable offerings include a wide variety of cables to fit your specific application needs. All cables are continuous-flex cables and there are no minimum quantities or cutting costs and they will be delivered to your specific requirements and application needs.

Selecting the Proper Carrier Bend Radius & Mounting Height for Cables & Hose Carriers

How to select the proper carrier bend radius for cables.

Determining the Bend Radius: To determine the correct carrier system bend radius (KR), use the largest cable or hose in your particular application and multiply the most appropriate KabelSchlepp standard bend (KR) radius safety factor as listed below:


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