When Should Quantum be Used?

Find out when to use the Quantum cable carrier from Kabelschlepp Canada.

The link-less design of the Quantum cable carrier allows for use in applications where other systems would fall short. The Quantum carrier system offers all the benefits of the Hybrid Vario-line of carriers, with added features to withstand extreme speed and slight offset of the linear axis normal carriers are not able to handle.

Quantum Series Features

Special features of the Quantum cable carrier from Kabelschlepp Canada.

A huge leap that breaks the traditional mold of cable carrier design, Quantum carrier side bands are made from a high tensile strength, continuously extruded polymer that is then specially machined to the bend radius spec. This means that it truly is a link-less design, with no mating components that are able to wear against one another.

Quantum “Link-less” Cable and Hose Carrier

Quantom lightweight hose and cable carrier from Kabelschlepp Canada.

With Quantum cable and hose carrier system, Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp has set another innovation: an extremely quiet, very lightweight and low vibration carrier system suitable to handle high speeds and accelerations. 

Uniflex Advanced

Light, quiet all-rounder with a wide range of applications 

Uniflex Advanced plastic open style cable carrier from Kabelschlepp Canada.

This plastic open style cable carrier is another cost-effective solution brought to you by Tsubaki. With many best-in-class features of the Uniflex Advanced cable carrier, this light, quiet cable carrier is a top choice for a wide range of applications.

Modular and Hybrid Open Style Cable Carrier Systems

Modular and hybrid open style cable carrier systems from Kabelschlepp Canada.

Lightweight yet strong, and easy to install.

KabelSchlepp Varitrak M Series multi-variable cable carriers are hybrid open style carriers that are lightweight, strong and easy to install. These carriers feature multiple models with extensive accessories and frame-stay variants to meet the needs of each application.

TOTALTRAX Turn-Key Systems

Fully Harnessed Cable Carrier Systems

TOTALTRAX fully harnessed cable carrier systems as turn-key solutions from Kabelschlepp Canada.

When it comes to the products you need, no one knows it better than you. At Tsubaki/KabelSchlepp we want to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to cable carriers, and the cables and hoses that go inside!

One supplier – one responsibility

Frame Stay and Divider Options for Cable and Hose Carriers

Frame Stay Options

At Tsubaki/Kabelschlepp, we take your cables and hoses seriously. We want to make sure that you have the easiest means of access to them at any given time. That’s why we offer such a wide range of frame stay options on our carriers.


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