• Suitable for clean rooms: Clean room certification “Class 1” possible—no hinges, no link wear*
  • Extremely quiet, 31 db (A)**
  • Extremely lightweight
  • For high accelerations up to 300 m/s2
  • For travel speeds up to 40 m/s
  • Very long service life: 25 million cycles = unsurpassed service life
  • TÜV design approved in accordance with 2PfG 1036/10.97

* Tested: Q040.77.RE-70-1000 by the Fraunhofer Institute, travel speed V1 = 0.2 m/s and V2 = 0.9 m/s

** Tested: Q060.100.100 by TÜV Rheinland. The measurement area sound pressure level was measured at a distance of 0.5 m for uniform and jerky movement.

Ideal for Highly Dynamic Applications—Extruded Side Bands

The operation of the Quantum is extremely quiet and low-vibration. The link-free design and the very small pitch minimize the so-called polygon effect. Due to the low noise during operation, the Quantum cable carrier system is optimally suited for applications with low-vibration linear drives.

Suitable for Clean Rooms

Extruded sidebands are installed. In contrast to conventional pin-hole joints, there is almost no wear (link wear), whereby Quantum is excellent for use in clean rooms.

Extremely Long Service Life

  • No link wear on pin-hole joints
  • Special plastic and steel cables in the supporting base

Ideal for highly dynamic applications

Replaceable glide shoes for long service life for gliding applications

3D movements: The driver connection can move sideways and can be turned through up to ± 30 degrees

Side bands made of extruded special plastic and steel cables in the supporting base for extremely long service life