Guideway Protection Systems

Machine Way Wipers

The unique KabelSchlepp 3-point sealing system was developed for optimal hot chip, debris and fluid protection for all sensitive guide and slide-ways. Wiper blades are mounted on solid, lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum frames and are shipped in standard 39.4” (1000 mm) straight lengths or can be fabricated to meet your exact specifications.

KS Telescopic Box Cover Wipers

Probably the best and most often asked-for sealing and wiping system for metal telescoping box covers. These replacement wiper blades, chip covers and back supports can be ordered from stock and mounted to common KabelSchlepp and competitor box covers.

Apron Way Covers

High-strength aluminum extrusions provide positive protection of machine ways from hot chips, abrasives and other wear-causing agents. Apron way covers are a low-cost solution to potential high-cost repair or replacement, are simple and quick mounting, and require a minimum amount of space.