Carrier Support and Guidance Systems

Support Rollers

Stationary support rollers can substantially increase travel capabilities in applications where the cable and hose carrier system’s unsupported span is exceeded.

Support Trays

KabelSchlepp's support trays will ensure that your application has an even, flat and clear surface, which is needed for the optimal and safe operation of your cable and hose carrier system. Standard systems are made of zinc plated steel. Stainless steel and other special materials and coatings are available upon request.

Guide Channels

This cost-effective solution should be used to properly guide and support cable and hose carrier systems in long-travel gliding applications, mounted to the ground or on a supporting structure off the ground. Standard from-stock zinc-plated steel as well as made-to-order aluminum and stainless steel systems are available.

Other options include:

  • KabelSkate, DynaGlide, Rolling Carriage systems
  • RCC—Rail Cable Carrier system
  • ECC—Emergency Cable Carrier system