Cable carriers for aerial lift applications

Aerial Lifters present specific technical challenges when having to plan for cable and hose management. Every ounce of weight on these vehicles needs to be accounted for to ensure safe operation and a specific amount of force is required to drive the telescoping mechanics. Kabelschlepp has developed several cable carriers especially suited to the demands of aerial and scissor lift applications.

Aerial boom lift
Aerial Boom Lift

Cable Carrier Design Considerations

Know Your Cables & Their Specs

Too often, the most commonly selected or used industrial cables are not designed for continuous flexing or bending operation as seen in a cable carrier. They will quickly cork-screw and knot, especially when run within a tight cable carrier bend radius. Also, many standard industrial cables require a bend radius larger than most machinery applications allow. This will undoubtedly reduce cable life. 

How to Request for a Cable Carrier Replacement?

One of the most difficult issues that we face when talking to customers who have existing cable carriers is getting the information that we require to provide a new replacement carrier.

The two most critical dimensions required are the inside height and inside width of the existing carrier. This tells us that the carrier cannot be shorter or narrower than what the customer already has. Maintaining these dimensions is important for the health of the cable and hoses in the carrier.

cable carrier replacement

Cross Bars

circular systems

Cross bars are an integral part of a cable carrier's structural stability. This is an often-overlooked consideration of carrier design which could have a dynamic effect on the lifespan of your cables and hoses.

Remember that the purpose of the carrier is to protect the expensive hoses and cables it carries. This is not a 'one solution can suit all applications' issue.

Design Considerations for Circular Systems

A circular system is one of the most complicated configurations that we are presented with. Often the machine is half built when the question of cable management is raised. Circular systems often become complicated due to space constraints. Reverse bend radius links must be used to allow the carrier to travel in either direction and maintain rigidity. If the links are mounted in the wrong position the carrier could buckle and fail.

Kabelschlepp Has Innovative Solutions for Steel Mills

From decades of extensive experience in the cable and hose carrier systems industry and serving a wide range of industries with diverse projects, Kabelschlepp has the knowledge and capability to meet your cable carrier systems demands. Our specialists work with you every step of the way, from planning to onsite set-up, to execute a customize solution for your steel works and rolling mills. For the demanding steel mills, our carriers are heavy-duty, heat resistant, and lubrication-free.

Kabelschlepp offers multiple accessories for cable and hose-carrier systems


Kabelschlepp offers multiple top-of-the-line accessories for cable and hose-carrier systems. These innovative solutions are available for guideway protection systems, carrier support and guidance systems, and strain-relief systems.


Cable Carriers

Cable Carriers for a wide range of industries and applications

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Totaltrax – Everything from One Source

With Totaltrax, Kabelschlepp is with you every step of the way. From design to assembly, we develop, design, and create a custom cable and hose carrier solution for you. Totaltrax systems come assembled and ready for installation.


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