Types of Strain Relief & Attachment Devices

Many factors should be considered while choosing the perfect strain relief device for your cables. Important factors to consider are cable type, the length of cable carrier and its installation position. Rely on KabelSchlepp to protect your investment with the right strain relief product. 

LineFix Saddle-Type Clamps

LineFix saddle-type claims are designed for C-rails with a slot width of 0.43” (11 mm) and provide secure seating within the C-profile due to optimized base geometry. Cathode immersion painting used for coating ensures superior corrosion protection. For further protection, the rounded nature of the pan elements is gentle on cables. The pan design with retaining ribs securely holds the cables in place. LineFix models are available in single clamps, double clamps, triple clamps, and offered in stainless steel.

LineFix saddle-type clamps from Kabelschlepp Canada.

Compatible attachment device:

LineFix can be bolted down with C-Profile 25 x 10mm, C-Rail 25 x 12mm, or C-Rail 34 x 15mm,  depending on your operational needs.   

Saddle-Type Clamps (Type B)

Designed for all common C-profiles with a slot width of 16 – 17mm, Type B offers various options such as single clamps for one cable, double clamps for two cables stacked on top of one another, or triple clamps for three cables stacked above one another.  

LineFix saddle-type clamps Type B from Kabelschlepp Canada.

Compatible attachment device:

Type B can be attached to C-Rail 34 x 15mm, which is offered in Aluminum and Steel.

KabelClamp SZL Cable and Hose Clamping & Strain Relief Systems

SZL is a vibration resistant, patented design for high-speed applications. It is specifically designed to be gentle on cables due to its large surface area for enclosing cables. It can be securely, quickly, and easily installed without requiring additional tools or tie wraps. The clamping load is evenly distributed along the cable jacket, while providing protection against possible damage. SZL devices can be mounted to a single DIN Rail or stacked using double DIN rail. 

KabelClamp SZL cable clamps from Kabelschlepp install as easy as 1,2,3

Compatible attachment device:

SZL can be paired with C-Profile 25 offered x 10mm or C- Rail 34 x 15mm.

Comb-Style Tie Wrap Strain Relief

UNI Strain Relief Element is inexpensive, effective, and easy to use. It embodies a bolt-down style and is simple to install. Depending on your needs, there are multiple sizes to choose from within Style A and B. Style B is designed to support a greater quantity of cables as well as cables with a greater diameter. Both styles can be used end-to-end or stacked on top of one another. 

Combo style tie wrap for strain relief from Kabelschlepp Canada

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