• Excellent cable protection, even at the brackets
  • Chips and dirt-resistant due to smooth surfaces
  • Increased self-supporting length
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Good inside to outer width ratio
  • Low internal noise emissions
  • Optional: Special material with protection against chips up to 850° C
  • Numerous custom material types available for custom applications
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy cable installation
  • Easy-to-open cover with simultaneously high retention force on the chain link during operation
  • Measurement scale for easy alignment of the dividers along the cover
  • Strain relief can be completely integrated into connecting element
  • TKA55: IP54 tested & attested

Selection Criteria for TKA Series

  • Where a tight cable carrier is a necessity
  • Where easy one-sided cover opening from any vantage point is desirable (e.g., for cable inspections)
  • Where inside subdivision is desirable
  • Where fixed dividers should be available (e.g., for carriers lying on their side)
  • Where a long travel gliding cable carrier is required
  • Where the maximum carrier load does not exceed 15kg/m

Easy-to-open cover from any vantage point, yet securely fastened

3-fold stroke system for increased self-supporting length

Optimized utilization of the interior space; vertical as well as horizontal subdivision possible

Universal mounting bracket with integrated strain relief elements