Online CAD Libraries

Downloading the extended data content of the KABELSCHLEPP 2D/3D drawings can speed up your design operations considerably. You can also accelerate your design processes with our 2D and 3D models from the CADENAS and TRACEPARTS CAD component libraries.

Download all KABELSCHLEPP product data from both libraries free of charge. Native data and all conventional export formats are available for all standard CAD systems.

Carrier Design Tool CADENAS Online Library   • easy to connect to PDM and ERP systems
  • the PARTsolutions catalogue can be easily accessed by a button in Autodesk Inventor
  • detailed cable carrier models available

CADENAS libraries »
TRACEPARTS Online Library TRACEPARTS Online Library   • most KABELSCHLEPP cable carriers are available worldwide
  • the only CAD library with CAA (CATIA) partner status
  • also available on CD - please request your free copy
TRACEPARTS libraries »