Machine Tool

Replacing carriers in one hour—without disrupting productivity

A very busy machine shop that manufactures parts for the aerospace industry had numerous CNC machine tools with failing steel-tube cable and hose carriers. We were tasked with replacing these carriers in a way that involved very minimal modification to the machinery and could not cause significant downtime. The cables and hoses were fed throughout the machine, and it would take a significant amount of time to disconnect them, remove them from the machine and then re-feed them through the machine frame.

Tsubaki recommended KabelSchlepp’s new TKA series, a fully enclosed plastic cable and hose carrier, where the lids can be opened on either the inside or outside radius. The TKA was installed in about one hour, without having to touch the existing cables and hoses—thus, the machine was back up and running in no time. Because of its IP54 rating, this line of plastic carriers was able to provide the same protection as the original steel-tube-style carriers.