Kabelschlepp offers multiple accessories for cable and hose-carrier systems


Kabelschlepp offers multiple top-of-the-line accessories for cable and hose-carrier systems. These innovative solutions are available for guideway protection systems, carrier support and guidance systems, and strain-relief systems.


1. Guideway Protection Systems options include machine way wipers, KS telescopic box cover wipers, and apron way covers. Available in standard or custom sizes for exact specification needs.

A) Machine way Wipers


  • Utilizes Kabelschlepp’s exceptional 3-point sealing system for optimal protection against hot chip, debris, and fluid.
  • Wiper blades are mounted on lightweight, non-corrosive aluminum frames.
  • Option of standard 39.4” (1000 mm) straight length or customized length.

​​​B) KS Telescopic Box Cover Wipers


  • KS wipers are a popular sealing and wiping system for metal telescoping box covers, with replacement wiper blades, chip covers, and back supports.
  • Can be mounted to Kabelschlepp or any manufacturer’s common box covers.

C) Apron Way Covers


  • High -strength aluminum extrusions that provide protection against hot chips, abrasives, and other wear- causing agents.
  • Low cost solution to high-cost repair or replacement.
  • Simple and quick to mount
  • Require minimum amount of space.  

2. Carrier Support and Guidance Systems are ideal for long- travel applications.

A) Support Rollers


  • Substantially increase travel capabilities where cable and hose carrier system’s unsupported span in exceeded.

B) Support Trays


  • Provides your application with an even, flat and clear surface for safe operating conditions.
  • Standard systems are made from zinc plated steel. Also available in stainless steel and other special material, upon request.

C) Guide Channel


  • Cost-effective solution for guiding and supporting cable and hose carrier systems in long travel gliding applications.  
  • Standard option comes in zinc-plated steel. Also available in made-to-order aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Other options include KabelSkate, DynaGlide, Rolling Carriage systems, Rail Cable Carrier system (RCC), and Emergency Cable Carrier system (ECC).  


3. Strain Relief Systems are easy to install and should be selected based on the cable type, cable length and the installation position. For carriers with upper and lower trough sliding on each other, the strain relief height should not exceed chain link height. Options include:


  • DIN Rails/ U-Channels for mounting strain relief clamps
  • LineFix saddle-style clamps
  • KabelClamp SZL system
  • Strain relief comb strips