Kabelschlepp Has Innovative Solutions for Steel Mills

From decades of extensive experience in the cable and hose carrier systems industry and serving a wide range of industries with diverse projects, Kabelschlepp has the knowledge and capability to meet your cable carrier systems demands. Our specialists work with you every step of the way, from planning to onsite set-up, to execute a customize solution for your steel works and rolling mills. For the demanding steel mills, our carriers are heavy-duty, heat resistant, and lubrication-free.

We select carrier material based on your application for the ideal fit.

We understand that your application is unique just like your operation. That’s why we offer cable carrier systems in numerous different materials, so we can fit the needs of your application perfectly. Based on the application, we can install full-plastic, hybrid or steel/stainless steel cable carriers.

cable carriers: plastic, hybrid, steel

For standard applications, we offer solid plastic cable carriers with fixed chain widths.

  • Economically priced solutions
  • Different types with fixed or openable crossbars
  • Many types are readily available with stock worldwide
  • Ideal for high speeds and short travel paths
  • Quick and easy to install

standard application plastic cable carriers

For advanced applications, we offer cable carriers with variable chain widths.

  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • Available in light, heavy-duty or linkless series
  • Aluminum frame stays available in custom widths, down to exact millimeter
  • Plastic frame stays available in 4, 8, 16mm width increments
  • Easy to open from inside or outside radius

advance application variable width hybrid chains

For extreme applications, we offer steel cable carriers.

  • Robust construction for heavy loads
  • Ideal for applications in harshest environments
  • Heat resistant
  • Allow for large additional loads and long unsupported travel lengths
  • Steel cable carriers are lubricant-free

extreme application steel cable carriers

These are some of the typical application areas of cable carrier systems in steel mills and rolling mills systems.

Steel Mills

Rolling Mills Systems

  • Electrical furnaces
  • Charging machines
  • Factory trucks
  • Crane systems
  • Converters
  • Forging manipulators
  • Mill trains
  • Rolling-mill stands
  • Reversing mills
  • Driver units
  • Strip width detection units
  • Hold-down rollers
  • Height centering systems
  • Roller change facilities/ trucks
  • Squeegee rolls
  • Pinch and leveling rolls
  • Strip deflector
  • Reels
  • Blow-off systems
  • Turntables
  • Turning devices
  • Tilting devices
  • Lift frames
  • Reversing mechanisms
  • Scrap discharge