How to Request for a Cable Carrier Replacement?

One of the most difficult issues that we face when talking to customers who have existing cable carriers is getting the information that we require to provide a new replacement carrier.

The two most critical dimensions required are the inside height and inside width of the existing carrier. This tells us that the carrier cannot be shorter or narrower than what the customer already has. Maintaining these dimensions is important for the health of the cable and hoses in the carrier.

cable carrier replacement

The next critical measurement which is often not provided to us is the length of the carrier. Often people will send images of a couple links and request for a quote – this will not be sufficient to generate an accurate product number and produce a quote.

The carrier length can be discovered in two ways:

  1. You could measure the link pitch of the carrier and then count each link. Then, multiply the number of links by the link pitch to get the carrier length. This is the most accurate method to measure the carrier length.
  2. The second way is to use a tape measure. When using a tape measure be sure to include the loop of the carrier, not just the flat portion.

measuring the length of the carrier

Lastly, we need the loop size or machine height. Maintaining a proper bend radius will protect the cables and will also ensure smooth functioning of the carrier as it moves. The way to measure this is to get the measurement of the distance from the first link at the bottom of the loop to the last link at the top of the loop. Divide that number by 2 to get the mounting height.

measuring loop size or machine height

There are other considerations as well such as mounting brackets installation or does the carrier have dividers? However, the question not often asked is why are we changing this carrier? Did it wear out? Was the carrier selected incorrectly? Or did it get hit by a fork lift?

The reason that this question is important is because we want to solve a problem and not trade out a broken carrier for a carrier that may become broken too soon.

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