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1. Bend Radius or KR
Get the center pin to center pin measurement. Divide that by two. This is your bend radius.

A Carrier bend radius is the center pin to center pin measurement divided by 2
2. Carrier Measurements and Link Count
Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Measure across the width of the widest part of the link (Figure A)

Measure the height of the sideband (Figure B)

Measure the length of one link (Figure C)

Count the Links
3. Type of Crossbar
What type of crossbars/frame stays are on the current carrier? (Or click on the photos)

How do the cross bars open? (open to the inside diameter or outside diameter, non-opening or hinged)

You can also upload a photograph of the crossbar here
4. Type of Bracket
Nylon, Nylon with strain relief comb, Metal, Metal with strain relief comb, Universal (3 sided) (Or click on the photos)

You can also upload a photograph of the bracket here
5. Type of Dividers

Indicate the vertical dividers or horizontal shelves on the inside cavity of the carrier. (Or click on the photos)

If so, how many dividers per link?
6. Markings
Please provide any part numbers or markings you find on the current carrier links (both sides) and cross-bars

You can also upload a photograph of the markings here
7. Cable Details
We can also provide electrical cables if they are being replaced with the track. Please provide us with the following (if applicable):

Current part number on cable jacket

Cable gauge size (awg)

Conductor count

Length required

Shielded or unshielded

Jacket material

Additional cables
8. Summary
1 Bend Radius or KR
2 Carrier Outside Width (Bk)
Carrier Outside Height (hG)
Carrier Link Pitch
Count the Links
3 Type of Crossbar

4 Type of Bracket
5 Type of Dividers
6 Markings
7 Cable Details

Please review this summary to ensure your details are correct. To make any changes, simply click on a component to go to that step.