Design Considerations for Circular Systems

A circular system is one of the most complicated configurations that we are presented with. Often the machine is half built when the question of cable management is raised. Circular systems often become complicated due to space constraints. Reverse bend radius links must be used to allow the carrier to travel in either direction and maintain rigidity. If the links are mounted in the wrong position the carrier could buckle and fail.

It is important to consult with Kabelschlepp’s engineers when implementing a circular system. These are always custom-built. Cable and hose management within the carrier is more critical than other applications and trying to keep the cables in a neutral position is difficult. Another important item to note is that you will require a guide channel for the carrier to operate in. This will assist the carrier as it rotates and maintains proper position during the rotation. Our engineers will work with your team to design the right carrier for the job and provide cad drawings for you. 

Circular systems are used in many diverse applications such as pill sorting machines, theatre stage design, large telescopes, rotary drilling heads, boring equipment, and tire manufacturing machines. 

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