Cross Bars

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Cross bars are an integral part of a cable carrier's structural stability. This is an often-overlooked consideration of carrier design which could have a dynamic effect on the lifespan of your cables and hoses.

Remember that the purpose of the carrier is to protect the expensive hoses and cables it carries. This is not a 'one solution can suit all applications' issue.

Black plastic carriers are constructed of Fiberglass reinforced nylon. This material is abrasive and will eventually wear the jacket of hoses and cables. The more overcrowded the carrier, the more drastic the effect.

On variable-width carriers, Kabelschlepp prefers to use extruded aluminum cross bars. Aluminum has a lower coefficient of friction than plastic and is gentler on cables.

If more strength is required for larger applications, we offer double-wide aluminum and mechanically fastened solutions.

For the best option, we use machined aluminum cross bars called LG bars. This solution suspends the cable or hose in the most neutral position possible as the carrier rolls through its travel and ensures the least amount of friction and wear on hoses. Using the aluminum cross bars also allows width selection in 1mm increments which means almost limitless widths available. Plastic cross bars are also variable but only in 4mm or 8mm increment options depending on size.

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