Cable & Hose Carrier Systems for Cranes

Crane with cable and hose carrier systems from Kabelschlepp

Technological advancement within the crane industry has led to increasing demands for higher cycle rates and travel speeds in cable carriers. To meet these demands, Kabelschlepp offers durable, high speed, lightweight plastic cable carriers. Since 1954, Kabelschlepp has been trusted with providing cost-effective, reliable, and superior quality cable and hose carrier solutions to satisfy the changing needs of the crane industries.  

Benefits of Cable & Hose Carriers

  • Cost-effective, due to shorter cable lengths 
  • Extended cable service life as cables aren’t subject to absorbing any pulling forced and are only bent once in a defined bend radius
  • Travel lengths of 800m plus
  • Weatherproofed to uphold against tough sea environments 
  • Cables and hoses are securely protected for high wind exposure 
  • Solutions for applications requiring extremely long travel lengths up to 500m and more – supported lengths that require high speeds and acceleration 

Chains for Crane Applications

  • Chains utilize seawater resistant aluminum stays for extremely high stability with custom widths available in 1mm increments. 
  • Replaceable glide shoes enable extremely long service life in long travel applications.
  • Enclosed stroke system provides superior protection against debris.
  • Can be easily opened for quick cable laying. 
  • Wide range of divider options for optimal cable separation.

Cross-section of cable carrier system for crane applications from Kabelschlepp

Motion Cables for Cranes

Kabelschlepp’s cables for motion – cables are optimally designed to deliver reliability and high performance at low costs. They maintain a long service life in outdoor applications, making them ideal for cranes. For example, Series 700, is a combination of engineered design, high quality & UV resistant material – optimal for use on container cranes.

Example of motion cables for cranes from Kabelschlepp