Cable & Hose Carrier Support & Guidance Systems

Protect your investment and find the perfect fit for your operational needs by choosing from Kabelschlepp’ s line of support and guidance systems.

Support Rollers

Support rollers are stationary and provide support in applications where cable and hose carrier system’s unsupported span is exceeded, enabling cable and hose carrier system with increased travel capability. 

Support rollers from Kabelschlepp Canada  

Support Trays

Support Trays provide your application with an even and clear surface, allowing cable and hose carrier system to operate efficiently and safely.  Standard systems come in zinc plated steel. Stainless steel, other special materials and coatings are also available upon request. Single Piece standard design will function optimally with most applications while, Split Rail design is designed for applications impacted by debris and dirt. 

Support trays from Kabelschlepp Canada  Single piece and split rail designs for support trays by Kabelschlepp Canada

Guide Channel

Guide channels provide support and guidance to cable and hose carrier in long travel gliding applications. This solution is cost effective and can be mounted to the ground or off ground onto supporting structure.  Standard designs are available in zinc plated steel and Made-To-Order are available in aluminum and stainless steel. 

Guide channels from Kabelschlepp Canada  Diagram of different guide channels designs by Kabelschlepp Canada

For more information and design assistance on Cable & Hose Carrier support & guidance systems, please call your KabelSchlepp factory representative at 1-800-443-4216.