Cable carriers for aerial lift applications

Aerial Lifters present specific technical challenges when having to plan for cable and hose management. Every ounce of weight on these vehicles needs to be accounted for to ensure safe operation and a specific amount of force is required to drive the telescoping mechanics. Kabelschlepp has developed several cable carriers especially suited to the demands of aerial and scissor lift applications.

Aerial boom lift
Aerial Boom Lift

Scissor lift Scissor lift
Scissor Lift

Primarily the cable carrier needs to be lightweight to reduce the amount of energy required to drive the telescoping boom and not negatively affect the carrying capacity of the equipment. The cable carrier must also manage the load of cables and hoses without sacrificing robustness. Another design feature that is desirable is to have a cable carrier with a long self- supporting span. Short link pitch and tight bend radius are necessary due to space constraints in boom truck designs and often the carrier operates inside the structure of the machine or in a guide channel.

TKK Series

The TKK cable carrier has been specifically designed with Aerial lift in mind having compact link design and very tight bend radius which is optimal for telescoping boom applications.


TKK series


  1. Very short mounting bracket
  2. Robust link design creates torsional rigidity
  3. Short link pitch yet very long self-supporting length
  4. Dirt resistant design that repels dust and chips
  5. Smooth plastic with rounded edges to protect cables and prevent wear
  6. Inside openable frame bars
  7. Optimized dividers that remain fixed in position


Uniflex Advance

This is our most common carrier and has an extremely long self-supporting length and many optimized design features.

TKK series


  1. Universal style mounting bracket
  2. Inside or outside opening
  3. Fast and easy ball joint design
  4. Extended frame stay option
  5. Non open design
  6. Good ratio of outside to inside width
  7. Vertical and horizontal dividers
  8. Optimized for long self-supporting length
  9. Dividers that can be fixed or float inside the carrier
  10. Quiet due to integral noise dampening
  11. Lateral wear surface
  12. One-piece mounting bracket with strain relief


Steel Series

Steel series and light steel cables carriers are our strongest cable carriers for heavy duty applications such as scissors lifts and vehicle conveyors.

Steel series


  1. Available in 1mm width options
  2. Aluminum frame for extreme load
  3. Roller option
  4. CNC custom cut frame stays
  5. External mount frame stays
  6. Enclosed cover option
  7. Hardened through pin for extended service life
  8. Rivet or bolt joint design
  9. Flat plate options various sizes
  10. Stamp and formed link plates
  11. Vertical and horizontal divider options
  12. Inside or outside opening
  13. Dual plate robust sideband
  14. Replaceable glide shoe prevents steel on steel contact
  15. Multiple end bracket options


Innovation @Work

The story of Kabelschlepp began in 1954 with the invention of the steel cable carrier. A world market has grown out of our idea and we have continued to set standards in innovation and design.